Saturday, April 10, 2010

Floor - Blow & Beyond Box Set

Long before Torche came into being, there was Floor, who were around a decade before getting an album widely released. Over those 10 years were plenty of recordings that are collected in the 'Below & Beyond' box set (along with their two studio albums). This box set documents the band's evolution in sound and line-up changes. Some of the material is very rough (not in a good way) and lacking in ideas but most of the set shows that they were ahead of their time. The earlier material reminds me a bit of a rougher, less polished Helmet before they merged into their Earth tribute era (even before Sunn O))) decided to do their version) and eventually into what got tagged as "doom pop" with their melodic vocals over a down-tuned, wall of sound (that has since been the inspiration for many of the newer metal bands).

I just wish I could afford to pick up the gorgeous LP set that Robotic Empire has put together.

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