Friday, January 12, 2007

All That's Heavy Order

I ordered up a couple of the new releases from Elekrohasch along with the new Burning Saviours album which I couldn't find at Lou's Records. I also picked up Rise Above's double CD reissue of the first two Orange Goblin records which contains 3 bonus cuts. Since my order was over $50, I took advantage of their freebie offer and got the debut album by Davana.

My Sleeping Karma - My Sleeping Karma (CD)
Phased - Medications (CD)
Burning Saviours - Hundus (CD)
Orange Goblin - Time Travelling Blues / Frequencies From Planet Ten (2CD)
Danava - Danava (CD)

1 comment:

krakow said...

Good to see you starting the year in style with all this new stuff.