Tuesday, May 15, 2007

All That's Psych?

I had to put in a good sized order to All That's Heavy to pick up some new releases and take advantage of a couple of good deals. New release from two California psychedelic/space rock bands highlight the order.

California's Mammatus and Earthless (my favorite local band) certainly avoid the sophomore slump with the best music they've yet to record.

Another sophomore album, which has been delayed for a long time, comes from the reformed line-up of Sgt. Sunshine. I've read they have a different sound on this one, but I hope it's not too drastically different from their excellent debut.

For the deals, I picked up the first album from Wino's latest band The Hidden Hand along with their split with Wooly Mammoth. For a freebie, I chose Nebula's Dos EPs collection of a few new tracks and two of their older, out of print EPs.

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