Monday, April 2, 2007

Archive New Releases

Another batch of recordings from Scott Slimm's label has arrived. The lone studio recording this time around is from Alasehir which features members of Bardo Pond (the Gibbons brothers on guitars and Jason on drums) and a guest on electronics on a couple of tracks.

Guitarist Mason Jones, who I've never heard of prior to this release, jams with three different Japanese drummers under the moniker Numinous Eye. I have no clue what this will sound like but the description of "freeform droney psych jams" has me interested.

While Slimm has included 3" discs for several of his releases because of the time limitations of a regular disc, the Death Unit and Prurient double release (it's not a split nor a collaboration) on two 3" CDs is a first for the label.

I also picked up the first Suishou No Fune album from the distro items since I've yet to see it at the record shop.

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