Saturday, April 7, 2007

ATH (Again) Plus A Solo Disc

Another order to ATH, enough for a freebie. I order so much I think I might be keeping them in business. The main reason for the order was that Sgt. Sunshine's classic debut album finally came out on vinyl thanks to Elekrohasch. Limited to 500 copies on 180g vinyl, I had to get copy before they are gone. The record sounds awesome and is certainly worth the import price. Also arriving were two more Orange Goblin albums, 'The Big Black' and 'Coup De Grace', to finally complete their full length discography. The debut from Earthride, 'Taming Of The Demons', was also in the order. I still need to get their second LP which I've heard and think was a great album. For the freebie I picked up Autoa's self-titled album. It's on Alone Records and they are instrumental. That's all I know at this point. The description sound good so I'm hoping for a nice surprise.

Having been on a Raccoo-oo-oon kick lately, I've been buying everything they have in print. I found a distro in the States that had the 'Is Night People' remastered CD on Release The Bats. Apparently it was originally on cassette and sold by the band only. RTB is going to be releasing their new album soon.

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