Tuesday, April 24, 2007


Coming yesterday in the post all the way from Japan were two of Daymore Recordings' expanded editions of the last three studio albums from Sunn O))). While I have 'White1' and 'White2' on CD and the second pressing of 'Live White', I thought they were worth the high import prices.

The bonus disc for 'White1' is 'The Libations Of Samhain' and was worth having a second copy of 'White1'. 'White2' has two bonus discs, a 5" and 3" CD that contains 'Live White'. Since the official release of 'Live White' from Archive was on CD-Rs, it's very nice to finally have a pressed copy of this exellent live album. In fact 'Live White' might be favorite release from Sunn O))).

The third expanded edition, which I did not buy, was of 'Black One' and included the live tour CD 'La Mort Noir'. I'm a bit surprised they didn't make that a 3 disc release and include Solstitium Fulminate which was included in the limited 2 disc version released by Southern Lord.

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