Saturday, October 6, 2007

ATH Order

Will some new releases out and some excellent deals to be had, an order to the All That's Heavy online shop was due.

New releases from Expo 70 (who I've never heard of but liked the reviews), Truckfighters and The Perfect Rat have come out in the last few weeks. Truckfighters continue to be the best of the new fuzz rock bands that have come out of Sweden. The Perfect Rat features a mix of SST and desert artists like Greg Ginn, Gary Arce and Mario Lalli. An interesting mix that has set to sink in yet. Expo 70 is just a dude playing improvised ambient and drone music with a slew of instruments.

For older albums I picked up Eternal Elysium's two albums on Meteor City. The blend heavy blues rock with psychedelic/stoner rock. After reading some positive reviews and with a very cheap price I also picked up the self-titled album from Sir Hedgehog.

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