Friday, October 19, 2007

Cuneiform Records And More

It's been on my "to order" list for a long time, but I finally placed another order to Cuneiform Records to fill out the rest of the proper Heldon discography. Not only have they released the Heldon and Richard Pinhas albums, but they have also released the latest album from San Diego's Upsilon Acrux. Although the lineup has changed, Upsilon Acrux are still playing that jazz-punk-King Crimson-math rock influenced music.

I must have missed it when I ordered the other two Jandek tributes, but Summersteps Records has a third tribute album in their handmade series that contains cuts that didn't make it on the first two releases. I think 'Corwood Variations' might actually be the best of the three.

On a trip to Best Buy to buy a new external hard drive, I picked up the latest album from Down along with the special edition of the Mastodon's latest album (includes a making of DVD).

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